Accidental Evesdropping

The Too-Smart For His Own Good Guy
(I overheard this while standing close enough to eventually interject)

Guy: “Yeah. I wasn’t at church last week because I was taking the SAT.”
Girl: “Oh cool. How do you think you did?”
Guy: “Oh. I aced it. I’m pretty sure I only missed, like, three questions. I could probably tell you which ones. My score will be nearly perfect.”
Girl: “Wow. Well…Congrats…How do you feel?”
Guy: “I’m muy cansada.” *looks impressed with his bilingual self*
Me: *turning slightly from the coffee I was just preparing for myself* “Actually, you’re cansado. Because you’re a dude. I’m guessing the SAT wasn’t in Spanish.”
Guy: *looking slightly embarrassed* “Uh…yeah…”

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