I lost feeling in my legs ten paces ago. Veins pulse venom through my exhausted body allowing darkness to overtake me. We run as fast as our human legs can muster, but the creatures gain ground. “Run!” Ann shrieks, but it’s her tugging on my dress that keeps my legs in motion. We run to him, to his arms wide-open, cloak flowing in the wind. She yells with a cracked voice, “Run!” Tree bark bleeds, the moon growls, and crevices in the ground turn to snakes longing to sink their teeth into nearest flesh. I want them to take me. I want this to be over. “Fight it! Run!” We speed toward our savior, momentum never slowing. She runs boldly into the brick wall of a man while I trip over my own feet and fall into his arms. Clouds and earth mesh as we rapidly spin and when I fell like my flesh will be torn from my bones we sink through the ground. Chaos turns quiet. Blur of a lit torch shines and as soon as I feel we were safe from our attackers, I close my eyes. I am alive but I don’t care. I pass out and sleep, hopefully forever.

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